Dark Red Low Temperature Glass Enamels 8101

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Detailed Product Description

Dark Red Low Temperature Glass Enamels 8101

Low temperature glass enamel 8000 series adopts advanced technology formula of Korean and the raw material are also
imported. This series of glass enamels are mainly used in glassware, such as light glass, cosmetic bottles and daily glass dinnerware.

The products have the feature of diversified colors stable quality.

Coefficient of expansion(α): 85-100x10-7 /k(50-300 oC)

Firing temperature: 520-580 oC

Firing time: 50-60 min (keep it 10min)

Acid and alkali resistance: weakly acid and alkali resistance

Firing atmosphere: neutral or weakly oxidizing atmosphere

Surface gloss: Silky luster

Covering power: Based on the thickness of pigment layer, can be completely covered.

Combination: 8000 series low-temp glass enamels (pigments) can be mixed together, but the color stability must be tested in the lab before put into large quantity production, especially for cadmium enamels mixed with cadmium free enamels.

Application: indirect screen printing, direct screen printing, spraying and thermoplastic printing.

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