27000PYG series thermoplastic pigment

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Detailed Product Description

27000PYG series thermoplastic pigment (lead free) adopts advanced Korean technology. The raw material was also imported. It is mainly used in glass ware, such as light glass, cosmetic bottles and daily glass dinnerware. The products have the feature of diversified colors, color full and stable quality. Coefficient of expansion(α): 78-92x10-7 /k(50-300 °C)
Firing temperature: 600-640 °C
Firing time: 50-60 min (keep it 10min)
Acid and alkali resistance: weakly acid and alkali resistance Firing atmosphere: neutral or weakly oxidizing atmosphere
Surface gloss: Silky luster
Covering power: Based on the thickness of pigment layer
Application: thermoplastic printing
Printing temperature: 70-80 °C
Steel Mesh: suggest 200-280 mesh
Supply mode: wax color

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